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A membership model of care for you+your family 


A la Carte 

Our goal is to make chiropractic care accessible and affordable to everyone.  If memberships aren't your thing, no worries.  We offer single adjustment pricing, as well as packages.  


 Designed for a specific season of life when you are focused on a specific health goal.  For example, 3rd trimester of pregnancy, tongue tie revision recovery in babies, or injuries.



With monthly automatic membership fees you have ongoing access to the care that you need 


Monthly membership is best-suited for those of you who want ongoing chiropractic care such as your pre-conception to postpartum journey,  pediatric wellness, or incorporating chiropractic care into your healthy lifestyle.  



A monthly membership designed for the whole family

Family membership is for couples, mother + babies, or families that wish to incorporate regular chiropractic care into their holistic health regimen. 

Curated chiropractic care for your unique body & goals


Is membership chiropractic right for you? 

  • You are an aspiring, expecting, or postpartum mama 
  • You are focused on helping your child thrive & building a healthy foundation early on 
  • You believe self-care is essential to leading a healthy life 
  • You are excited about an ongoing relationship with your chiropractor, focusing on helping you meet your health & wellness goals

Book your initial visit with Dr. Jessica

 During this visit you will share your health history & goals, as well as have a full set of neurological scans done. 


Scan Results & Recommendations for Care 

The second appointment is everyone's favorite.  It is an opportunity for you to sit down with the doctor to go over your scan results.  You will learn about your stress levels, neurological health, and how it is impacting your overall health.  


Choose your plan

Armed with your scan results and a better understanding of your body and health, you and Dr. Jessica will develop a chiropractic treatment plan that fits your needs.    


Get Natural Health at 

Elysian Chiropractic Center

We're here to make sure that your family grows up healthy.  Marshall Chiropractor, Dr. Jessica Bossuyt and our knowledgable team truly care about your family's well-being.  We offer a unique approach to health, without the need for drugs or surgeries.  

Whole Family Health

Elysian Chiropractic Center is the go-to place for all things prenatal chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, and family wellness care.  Our passion is helping moms, babies, and kids live life to their fullest potential. 

The Positive Effects of Chiropractic 

We absolutely love seeing and hearing about the positive changes in our patients' lives after discovering neurological chiropractic.  Many moms, for example, may be frustrated may feel exhausted, stressed out, and defeated.  Chiropractic can ease stress and "recharge your battery" so you can be the mom you want to be! 

Whole-Body Wellness

Our office is probably unlike anything you've experienced before, even if you are familiar with chiropractic.  With our gentle adjusting technique, we are able to create massive change throughout the entire body.  With Dr. Jessica's focus on prenatal and pediatric chiropractic, we are here to serve your entire family. 

Our Office

From the moment you walk through the door at Elysian Chiropractic Center you will know that we are different.  You will know that we stand for families and we stand for wellness.  Our goal was to create a space that felt like home, rather than a sterile medical facility.  

Request an Appointent

Let's get you and your family on the path to better health! 

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Meet our team members  


Visit us in Marshall or Tracy

2917 US Hwy 59

Marshall, MN 56258


125 3rd St.

Tracy, MN 56175
p: (507) 591-5027

Elysian Chiropractic Center

Health from the inside-out

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